Chronicles of a SAHM

My couch to 5k… well, hopefully at least 1k today.

Today is the day I begin my running regime – “Couch to 5k.”  No excuses… I just paid a lot of money for some running shoes, so I’d better do something. I haven’t run in 15 years though.  I usually only get on the treadmill and walk REALLY fast…or get on the eliptical for 30-45 mins.  I’m on a mission to get in better shape, lose weight and live longer for my children.  I keep starting and stopping, hoping for some magic to happen and all of a sudden the urge for eating junk food goes away; however, I am a realist.  I know that the only way for my diet to change is for me to change my diet. LOL

Anyway,  I’ve posted more jewelry in Etsy, created more jewelry, accepted more requests and actually sold three more cancer awareness bracelets- in ONE day.  I need to complete my goals for 2015 and I’m well on my way.

(Gosh…are my ankles really that big?)

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