Chronicles of a SAHM

Giving Praise

This morning I woke up with so many problems on my mind and on my heart.  I keep trying to figure out how I’M going to get through some of my issues. Then, I heard all the birds outside chirping and singing – just making a lot of noise – beautiful noise though.  I was kind of irritated because they had taken me away from my thoughts.  So, I started wondering about what was so important that they had to wake up that early in the morning with such a ruckus.

Then it occurred to me.  Birds wake up giving praises for being carried through the night, for waking up in the morning able to see the sun, being with family, for not being hungry and for the ability to fly. Well, at least that’s my interpretation.  There’s a lot that we can be upset about, but there is so much more to be thankful for. Keep giving God praise. He’s brought you this far for a reason.

Love, Me (and the birds)

Chronicles of a SAHM


This morning, I woke up thankful. Thankful to God for having a sound mind, use of my limbs, and the ability to see.  I’m thankful for the Lord keeping my family safe through the night while the storms raged outside.  I’m thankful for having a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes to wear.  Lord, I’m so unworthy – I know, so I’m thankful that you have covered me with your grace and your mercy yet another day.  OURDAILYJOURNEY_NOV_11b-940x940

I am thankful for so much today.  I recognize that without knowing the Lord, I would be nothing, I would have nothing, and I would constantly be yearning for fulfillment of things of this world.  I am not of this world, Lord.  I belong to You. I give all the glory and all the praise to You, Lord.  All that I am and all that I do is because of how You made me – fearfully and wonderfully. I will sing Your praises until I no longer have a voice and even then You will hear my soul shout Your name, Lord.

Forever Your loving servant,




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Don’t Quit!

Golden-GrizzlySo, today I will reopen my Etsy shop after an 8-month hiatus.  I realized that I needed to dedicate myself to my studies for these past two semesters in order to succeed…and I did!! While I didn’t get an ‘A’ in either class, my success was in passing both with a B.  Those were the most challenging classes I’ve had in my education thus far.  Mid semester, I thought about quitting because nothing made sense and I had received my first failing grade on an exam.  I reached out to my professor and she talked me out of it.  She reminded me that I was able to throw out one exam.  She went further and explained that the exam was difficult for the majority of the class and then gave me some pointers on how to succeed.  After tweaking my methods of studying, I was able to focus and pass my next two exams with a B.

It is so necessary in a person’s educational journey to have someone that they can talk to, be it a spouse, a friend, sibling or professor.  Reach out to someone if you feel like it is too heavy.  As the African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I am a child of God and my village truly came through for me.

Pictures of new (and old) jewelry pieces will be posted soon!!