Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry

Cracked Foundation

My foundation is cracked. My dad passed in 1989 and my mom, earlier this year.

My foundation is cracked.

I’ve not had an easy life. I’ve been raped, cheated on, lied to.
I’ve had disloyal friends. Worse – I’ve had disloyal family members.
My foundation is cracked.

I’ve had a car repossessed, a home foreclosed and lost valuable things in a flood.

Some days it feels like no one has my back.
I know that “Better days are coming” – they always do!
“Joy comes in the morning,” right?
“What I’m going through right now is preparing me for the things I asked for,” right?
“There is light at the end of the tunnel.” Okay.

It is just so hard at times.  I know God has me. I know that. It’s just hard.

Without my parents and grandparents, my foundation is definitely cracked.
But with God, I guess I am just thankful I even have the foundation.


Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry


Completely irritated.
By the alarm on a watch that no one wears.
By the heat blowing on my head.
By the cold air blowing underneath the door.

I’m irritated.

Your constant need for attention.
Your considerable lack of affection.
Your voice when you feel you are right.
Irritates me.

Your hard skin next to mine.
Your brittle voice next to my ear.
Your harsh words reverberating in my mine
are irritants.

Sometimes silence is my best quality.
Sometimes being still is best.
Sometimes sitting alone in a corner
Is the only thing that gives me rest.


Just a thought…

Do things for people out of love, not obligation. When it is done out of love, you put God into the equation because God is love thus, the gift bears a deeper meaning. 

When you do things out of obligation, it is only for self-gratification and self-exhaltation. 

Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry

Soul Search

You don’t look into my eyes the way you used to.

We used to have a conversation
without saying a word.

We used to laugh at the same things
at the same time.
Even when no one else saw the humor.
We would take long walks,
holding hands the whole time.
You say you love me.
But you don’t hold me like its our last time.
You don’t kiss me -just because.
We don’t even celebrate our own holidays.

I wish it were – the way it was.

Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry

The difference

I’ve often wondered if there was a difference between “Love” and “Luv.”

People send these sentiments daily and they usually require no thought – or do they? 

To me, the difference is the “o,” which reminds me of a wedding ring, infinite – unbreakable.  The “e” represents “eternity.”  It is the feeling a man and a woman share when they are inseparable. When every moment is an opportunity to show that person how much you LOVE them.

Luv is between friends and associates and requires little commitment, other than that freely given and received in return for the same. Luv is hurried and impatient.

Luv satisfies for the moment, Love for a lifetime.


What this is

I wonder if you really love me.

I wonder if it’s me you want to be with.

You laugh with me and talk to me

….about her.

She’s included in everything.

But you love me. Right?

We argue when I talk about my feelings.

You ask her about hers.

You console her when she’s sad

With me, its tough love.

You don’t ask about my future.

You know all about hers.

Do you really love me?

I take my time and get myself together for you. You notice her hair, her clothes, her

makeup, her perfume.

This isn’t love. Not even for myself.

I’ve got to move on.