Chronicles of a SAHM

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I was having the conversation at the studio the other day with some of the dance parents about how our kids love to hug each other.  Whenever they see each other, it’s like they haven’t seen each other in years.  They can’t stop hugging, holding hands and giggling but they’ve only known each other for a few months.  One parent told me that hugging isn’t even allowed at her daughter’s school – because touching others is not permitted.

It hit me and the other parents simultaneously.  Why can’t adults do the same thing?  Why can’t we just go up to people who look interesting and ask them to be our friends?  Our kids do it all the time and it works.  We have so many hang ups and prejudices and misconceptions about people we don’t even know. I’m sure we’ve missed out on so many possible friendships by being afraid of the unknown.  When did that end? IMG-7439

My daughter entered preschool two years ago and met the most amazing little girl.  They are “besties” to this day.  Although they now go to separate schools, they keep in touch by phone, Facetime, with play dates and Girl Scouts. The friendship is so pure and innocent. 

I was also blessed with a friend because by our daughters becoming so close, her mom and I have established an amazing friendship.  They’re part of our family. I don’t believe I would have met her otherwise, which is sad. However, I’m thankful to know her and her family. IMG-8087

So now, I plan to be more open to speaking with people in the airport, at the grocery store or at my daughter’s activities because I never know what type of interesting people I may be missing out on.  Now, my quest for you today is to go out and make a new friend. 

The world needs more love.

Chronicles of a SAHM

Within Me

There is no greater translation of God’s Word, than is the discernment from the Holy Spirit, which resides in me.

There are no scholars who can explain the depth of each word meant only for my heart. It is with the Lord, where I find my strength. It is with Him that I am able to conquer my fears.

Within me, I can find Him. Its where I find peace, love, comfort, joy and a place of rest.

Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry

Soul Search

You don’t look into my eyes the way you used to.

We used to have a conversation
without saying a word.

We used to laugh at the same things
at the same time.
Even when no one else saw the humor.
We would take long walks,
holding hands the whole time.
You say you love me.
But you don’t hold me like its our last time.
You don’t kiss me -just because.
We don’t even celebrate our own holidays.

I wish it were – the way it was.

Chronicles of a SAHM, poetry

The difference

I’ve often wondered if there was a difference between “Love” and “Luv.”

People send these sentiments daily and they usually require no thought – or do they? 

To me, the difference is the “o,” which reminds me of a wedding ring, infinite – unbreakable.  The “e” represents “eternity.”  It is the feeling a man and a woman share when they are inseparable. When every moment is an opportunity to show that person how much you LOVE them.

Luv is between friends and associates and requires little commitment, other than that freely given and received in return for the same. Luv is hurried and impatient.

Luv satisfies for the moment, Love for a lifetime.


What this is

I wonder if you really love me.

I wonder if it’s me you want to be with.

You laugh with me and talk to me

….about her.

She’s included in everything.

But you love me. Right?

We argue when I talk about my feelings.

You ask her about hers.

You console her when she’s sad

With me, its tough love.

You don’t ask about my future.

You know all about hers.

Do you really love me?

I take my time and get myself together for you. You notice her hair, her clothes, her

makeup, her perfume.

This isn’t love. Not even for myself.

I’ve got to move on.